The Best Sources For Selling Your Junk Car

The Best Sources For Selling Your Junk Car

If you want to get money for your junk car there are a variety of ways to do it. The amount you get depends on the type of car you have and the source that you sell it to. If your lucky you can clear a few hundred dollars with minimal effort, and if you are really lucky you will have a rare find that nets you more. Here are the best options available for selling your clunker.

Salvage Yard

Salvage yards will buy your clunker for the metal it is made out of. They do not care about parts, make, or model just weight. You are paid by the ton so if you have a larger, heavier vehicle you will make more money. At present most yards pay about $150 dollars per ton. Many salvage yards actually pick up your auto for you which saves the headache associated with clunkers that do not run. If your junker is nothing special a salvage yard is a good choice to make. You can walk away with minimal hassle and a few hundred dollars in your pocket.


A junkyard is another great source to sell your junker to. Junkyard see a lot of business form part hunters and are always open to taking cars that might net them some profit. All you have to do is call and give them the make and model of your vehicle. Give them a few more tidbits of information and then they will either make an offer or refuse. Junkyards can be haggled with so if they are willing to take your auto you can always negotiate for a better price. Junkyards will also pick your auto up for you.


Many organizations, non-profits, and even charities exist that will take your clunker and provide you some coin in exchange. Most of these sources will not offer the best price but what you are going for is convenience. Applying is an easy online form and each source will also pick your junk car up. Once again, if your auto does not hold any special value than organizations are a great way to get money for junk cars Denver CO.

Sell Outright or For Parts

If you do happen to have a valuable clunker, or at least a junk car with some valuable parts you can sell it yourself. Online platforms are great ways to find buyers. You can list both cars and parts. Many sites cater especially to junk cars with others serving as general e-commerce. You can hook up with trustworthy buyers and reach across the whole country. It is a good idea to scrap a car for parts if it has more than one valuable part within it. However, it should be something only individuals adept with auto care should do. If you are not good with a wrench it is best to sell the entire car outright. There are plenty of collectors, restorers, and part hunters who will offer great prices for your car.

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