The Safest Car Brands On The Market In 2021

The Safest Car Brands On The Market In 2021

Based on the crash test results on stringent assessments performed in Europe, experts on car safety have listed the five best new cars to reach the market in the last 12 months. Motors introduced by Honda, Mazda, Seat, Toyota, and Volkswagen previous year have won the highest endorsement from automobiles’ safety and security community. These cars are impressively safe and acclaimed for their work by the carmakers that have developed them, particularly during what has been a challenging year for the motor industry.

For 2021, here are the four best-rated models when it comes to safety.

1.  Honda Jazz (Starting Price: £18,895)

The Jazz supermini, a long-running favourite with senior drivers in the UK, Thatcham Research said, is a strong performer across all test categories. According to the Euro NCAP’s evaluation, Honda Jazz provides a very high protection warranty to vulnerable road users. And with a score of 80 per cent for the car protection features, this versatile compact hatchback topped the 2020 rankings.

The inclusion of a centre-mounted airbag to restrict the interaction of the front seat passenger in far-side accidents also helped this hybrid achieve a remarkable 87 per cent in the category of adult occupant safety,’ added by one of the researchers.

2.  Mazda MX-30 (Starting Price: £ 27,495)

The MX-30 edition is the debut electric car for Mazda’s, and this is featuring in the “This is Money’s top 21 cars arriving in 2021“. Although it has a meagre driving range of only 124 miles on a maximum charge, an EV at the more affordable end of the market is well-targeted.

Likewise, it may not be the most diverse of EVs. It is one of the safest to enter the market, earning the second-highest adult occupant protection score in the Euro NCAP in 2020.

The new Seat Leon stakes its underpinnings at a lower price with the current Mk8 VW Golf. Experts say that this affordable small family car provides sound safety efficiency across the board. Also, it includes a very impressive 92 per cent Euro NCAP security for adult passengers – the highest achieved by any car in 2020.

There is also a new middle airbag in the current derivative, which prevents the front-seat passenger and driver from clashing heads in a side collision. ‘As a norm, the inclusion of a multi-collision braking system is also a helpful addition,’ according to

3.  Volkswagen ID.3 (Starting Price: £ 32,990)

The ID.3 is a massive vehicle for the fortunes of VW. It is the first model launched in the ‘ID’ all-electric range. The first dedicated EV that German manufacturers hope will restore its image after the five-year-old diesel emissions cheating scandal.

Thatcham Research said that during testing in 2020, ID.3 was ‘impressive straight out of the box,’ topping safety assist and child occupant defence Euro NCAP crash test categories. It features the latest in restraint technology to protect non-struck-side passengers, including revolutionary side airbags.

4.  Toyota Yaris (Starting Price: £ 21,850)

Last year, the Yaris was the 15th best-selling car in the UK. As a supermini with a substantial degree of active and passive safety technology,’ the Yaris represents good value for money,’ the expert review team said.

Toyota can reduce the risk of injury clients, ranking 85% for safety assistance in the Euro NCAP exams. In the disadvantaged group of road users, a ranking of 78 per cent means it also provides adequate protection for pedestrians and cyclists.


Buy one of these cars; you will always feel safe while driving. Researches and various assessments have proven them to be very safe for 2021. Also, get insurance as an added advantage for yourself. You can look for car insurance reviews on BritainReviews.

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