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Things to be aware of when renting a car

Things to be aware of when renting a car

People rent cars for several reasons best known to them, but most times, what matters the most when renting a car is to be aware of what you need to do and not do till you return the car to the service provider. In most cases, a client’s opinion of car rentals informs the choice to rent or not rent the car, and this is also why customers have to be aware of certain things before they rent a car from a car rental service.

It has become the norm for people that before they rent a car from a car renting company, they go online to read reviews on platforms such as to learn new tips from past customers and the vehicles they might prefer, before commencing the transaction at all.

In the subsequent part of this article, you will find out certain things you need to know before patronizing a car rental company.

Use a credit card when picking up the car

Renting a car from a rental company can be quite easy, but it is best to make use of your credit card when you are picking up the car. When you make use of your credit card, an authorisation amount will be charged, and a substantial additional increment hole will be accessed as well. Rental car services check your credit score with your debit card to make sure you can pay for charges. If you prefer to rent a car using a debit card, then … Read More

5 Ways to Go About Buying Auto Parts Online Safely

5 Ways to Go About Buying Auto Parts Online Safely

These days, you can buy anything and everything online. The internet society has made it possible to sit in your comfort and convenience to purchase these products delivered to you through shipping carriers.

Buying automotive parts, however, requires much more than just ordering. You have to go through a series of processes to ensure you’re buying the right quality part at an affordable price.

On, you’ll find reviews of websites that sell auto parts. These reviews can be useful in choosing the right online stores to buy auto parts.

Here are five ways or tips to go about buying auto parts safely.

1.  Check with your mechanic

No matter how much knowledge you think you have, you should always check with your mechanic to ask about the estimated price and a serial number of the product, except you are an actual mechanic. This set of skilled people has more experience buying, installing, and can even give you advice on reliable stores from which to choose. Checking in with them first will give you a head start on how to go about purchasing auto parts online. You can also talk to them to get advice on the kind of parts you want to buy based on your finances, i.e., whether to get new parts or already used ones.

2.  Do your research

It doesn’t hurt to research a particular auto part before purchase. Read articles on automobiles, read up online by yourself, or consult with experts. With knowledge and … Read More

What about electric BMW cars? Is it worth it?

What about electric BMW cars? Is it worth it?

Electric cars are starting to grow in popularity year by year. Any vehicle that is powered by an electric motor and is powered in whole or in part by a battery can be classified as an electric car. Although some variants are called “hybrids”, still having some CO2 emissions, these vehicles are, at least statistically, cleaner than the classic “ICE” (Internal Combustion Engine).

Although electric cars were introduced to the market more than three decades ago by major car manufacturers, they have only become popular in recent years, according to

If you want to buy an electric car and you still don’t know what brand, in this article we will see if it is worth choosing a BMW. Of course, electric car companies US reviews are very helpful in choosing a car.

What are the advantages of electric cars?

Electric cars are classified into five categories:

  • BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle
  • PHEV – Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • MHEV – Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • EREV – Extended Range Electric Vehicle
  • HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle

First of all, an electric or semi-electric motor will offer a financial advantage from the start because the fuel consumption will be substantially reduced. Second, an electric car provides all the power you would reasonably need. The torque is instantaneous and in most cases exceeds 230nm (BMW i3 250nm; VW e-Golf 290nm; Renault Zoe 245nm). The figures are similar to diesel engines, thus offering very good performance without the disadvantages of thermal engines.

The … Read More

The Safest Car Brands On The Market In 2021

The Safest Car Brands On The Market In 2021

Based on the crash test results on stringent assessments performed in Europe, experts on car safety have listed the five best new cars to reach the market in the last 12 months. Motors introduced by Honda, Mazda, Seat, Toyota, and Volkswagen previous year have won the highest endorsement from automobiles’ safety and security community. These cars are impressively safe and acclaimed for their work by the carmakers that have developed them, particularly during what has been a challenging year for the motor industry.

For 2021, here are the four best-rated models when it comes to safety.

1.  Honda Jazz (Starting Price: £18,895)

The Jazz supermini, a long-running favourite with senior drivers in the UK, Thatcham Research said, is a strong performer across all test categories. According to the Euro NCAP’s evaluation, Honda Jazz provides a very high protection warranty to vulnerable road users. And with a score of 80 per cent for the car protection features, this versatile compact hatchback topped the 2020 rankings.

The inclusion of a centre-mounted airbag to restrict the interaction of the front seat passenger in far-side accidents also helped this hybrid achieve a remarkable 87 per cent in the category of adult occupant safety,’ added by one of the researchers.

2.  Mazda MX-30 (Starting Price: £ 27,495)

The MX-30 edition is the debut electric car for Mazda’s, and this is featuring in the “This is Money’s top 21 cars arriving in 2021“. Although it has a meagre driving range of only 124 … Read More

Three Tricks to Run a Car Wash Enterprise

Three Tricks to Run a Car Wash Enterprise

For the particular edition of ?Pimp My Trip? fans will get to know Kristoffer from North Hollywood, CA who has greater than his justifiable share of automobile bother together with his 1965 Chevy Impala. He will get the biggest surprise of his life as soon as Xzibit pays him a visit and takes his automobile to G.A.S. for some final ecological transformation. Beau along with Mad Mike and the remainder of the G.A.S. crew has put collectively the plan that can embody putting in a monster 800 horsepower diesel engine that may run on biodiesel.

Sadly, sellers may not be upfront a few automotive historical past. Many sellers will make up personal reasons for why the automobile is priced so low, just like the owner lives abroad and is trying to promote the automotive at any price and many others. Others may even try and fetch the market price for the usual make and mannequin of the automobile on the used automobile market – or worse nonetheless, attempt to illegally promote an “unrepairable write-off or statutory write-off” which has been deemed unfit for the roads and have to be used for scrap.

Make: Automotive spoilers come in several shapes and types. You’ve got high hooped spoilers, Lip spoilers and supra styled spoilers, to mention a few. You can also buy customized automotive spoilers, designed in quite a lot of styles and colors. Most of these spoilers, regardless of their appears, are made of lightweight materials like fiberglass or polyurethane. These … Read More