Let’s get back on our motorcycles

Let’s get back on our motorcycles

In my opinion, there are different kinds of petrolheads. You have the people that really like cars, you have the people that really like bikes, and you have those that really like motorcycles. There are a lot of differences between these types of petrolheads. Especially between those that own a motorcycle and those that are more of a car-related petrolhead. I am a true motorcycle lover and don’t really associate myself with any other automotive person. I’ve always felt distinct from them. We still like to be outside, we like the rain, the mud, and the leaves. There is however one thing that we all have in common. We want our vehicles to be serviced using the original parts of the manufacturer. This always works best. But it can be tricky to find a service center that uses the original part from the manufacturer. If you’re not sure, just ask if your local repair center buys their parts from Double R Parts. They only sell parts that have come directly from the original manufacturer.

What are OEM parts?

Let me first explain what OEM motorcycle parts are, because I’ll be using this term a lot. OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’. OEM motorcycle parts therefore means that the motorcycle part has come directly from the original vehicle maker. OEM motorcycle parts are the original components of that motorcycle, only new. Repairs with OEM parts are always best. The original motorcycle manufacturer has build its motorcycle to work as well as it can. Most parts are specifically made for their bike. Therefore, it is always best to fit the parts from the original manufacturer, as these will always fit perfectly.

Can I get these parts myself?

I you don’t own your own service center, it can be difficult to order OEM motorcycle parts as most of the companies only deliver to other businesses. However, you can ask you local dealer if they have any original parts. Alternatively you can ask your local service center if they are using OEM parts. If not, you can always direct them to Double R Parts. This company can deliver original motorcycle parts to your service center. This means that they’ll be able to deliver a better quality product, and you will receive a better quality bike. Sound like a win-win, right? It doesn’t matter if you are a motorcycle petrolhead, or a car petrolhead. We all like our repairs to be as good as possible.

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